(Almost) Start Using APNG

APNG (Animated PNG) support is coming in Chrome 59! That means we’re basically just waiting for IE/Edge to get with the times so we can stop using GIF. Android browser should follow shortly behind since it’s based on Chromium.

APNG is another animated image file format (like gif) but with support for more colors and better transparency than gifs AND is a smaller file size.

It has decent fallback, basically it’ll just show the first frame if it isn’t supported in the browser.

Browser Support


Let’s Try Out APNG

Physical Activity and Problem Solving

Physical activity can be highly effective in solving problems. I always struggle between the ‘but I’m not working’ mindset and the reality that I am actually able to solve problems faster if I just get moving.

Walking Helps Us Think

Stanford study finds walking improves creativity

A small but growing collection of studies suggests that spending time in green spaces—gardens, parks, forests—can rejuvenate the mental resources that man-made environments deplete.

AMP and Primary / Secondary Indexes

It’s been just over a year since AMP was released and it looks like Google is ramping up their support for it by splitting their index into primary and secondary indexes. Really it looks like that means they’re going to be placing an even heavier emphasis on mobile performance and usability in the rankings since the “mobile index” will be the primary one.

More important than ever to ensure that we’re using semantic HTML and best practices for mobile design. I have some gripes around AMP as a platform but it looks like it isn’t going away.

A couple related links for more info:

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Within months, Google to divide its index, giving mobile users better & fresher content

Dark Patterns

Web Developers are in an excellent position to not only develop the UI, but strongly influence the design and UX to follow best practices. Here are a few articles and examples of dark patterns. Most of us have probably unwittingly developed something that was a dark pattern so knowing what they are and how to argue against them in the design phase can be valuable.

Types of Dark Patterns

Dark Patterns: The Sinister Side of UX

And on a related note, Chromium is looking to deprecate alert(), prompt(), and confirm() in JavaScript – in part because of dark patterns on the web – in favor of replacing it with the Notifications API.

Chromium Policy on JavaScript Dialogs